Validate The #Moodle Milestones In Your Career With The Official Course Creator Certificate #moodlenews

The MCCC is a global certificate of integrity and high standards that assesses a full-range of Moodle tools and functionality. Holders of the MCCC are well versed in all areas of Moodle course creation. Provided exclusively through Moodle Partners as the only official teacher certificate issued by Moodle HQ, the Moodle Course Creator Certificate (MCCC) is a way to demonstrate your Moodle knowledge and skills to others!

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Elearning Experts is currently the only US Moodle Partner offering an approved MCCC course. The MCCC is an 8 week, fully online, facilitated course for the advanced Moodler that consists of the course, a narrative, and an online exam. It is comprised of content and activities in  eight real-world skill set areas of Moodle version 2.9.

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these statements, you are a great candidate for the MCCC:

  • I have created at least one Moodle course previously and used it with learners
  • I have actively used the appropriate version of Moodle for at least one year
  • I have used many different activities and resources in Moodle
  • I am familiar with the Moodle Docs area, and can find my way around
  • I have read all the documentation in the Moodle Certification area
  • I can set aside 5-10 hours a week to work on my MCCC (this is an indicative time only – it will vary for individual candidates)
  • I want to improve my understanding and use of Moodle

Elearning Experts is offering the US/English Moodle Course Creator Certification (MCCC) throughout 2016 at a cost of $500. Each Cohort has limited enrollment to ensure maximum support. Get in touch to learn more or sign up! Phone: 888-928-3848 or email: [email protected].

Note: Elearning Experts are a supporter of MoodleNews

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