Moodle HQ is ready to launch a centralized MOOC hosting platform – Moodle Academy, ran and hosted by Moodle very soon, may be in June 2016. Moodle Academy will allow you to try out MOOC’s without worrying about the technical infrastructure for such short courses. It will be provided as a SaaS platform.
Moodle coming up with MOOC hosting service - Moodle Academy #MoodleAcademy
Gavin Henrick, the Moodle community project manager, spoken about the Moodle Academy during his talk at MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2016. You can see the video recording of his talk below:

Gavin showed few mockups of cool  new features coming in Moodle academy like – A more MOOC like profile page, course completion tracking built into the course catalog part/my courses area and from course menu, different landing page for your institution, user dashboard which includes current, upcoming & archived courses. Even the editing mode interface is also improved to use modern and sleek icons.
The  completion tracking ticks also moved to the left side of the activity names instead of the default right positions with section by section completion tracking.
Running an MOOC course of your existing resources can help you in doing a lot of research about your existing course setup and you can also test the A/B tests and reuse the new content developed by MOOC. You will also innovate new items using the same basic platform.  And it will also keep all the short term learners out of your core moodle system.
Moodle Partners will provide you the consultancy and instructional design services for delivering a successful MOOC. As of now, 2 partners are ready with the Moodle Academy but they are looking for more partners. So, let’s hope that we will see the Moodle academy MOOC platform launched soon.
Have you ever hosted any MOOC course using Moodle platform? What are the challenges faced in hosting the course? Do share with us in the comments below.

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