Moodle Buzz: The “Post-Perth Moot” Effect

Moodle Buzz: The

I’ve been watching the “Moodle buzz” to gauge the effects of the recent MoodleMoot Australia. As reported by The West Australian, “a little Perth tech company in a little office is making huge waves across the world“. While this has been the case for more than a decade, I agree with the intent.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Journalist Nick Sas quotes the latest number of registered Moodlers: just above 91 million around the globe. This number is understandably a conservative fraction of the actual stronghold. Decentralization makes it all but impossible to improve accuracy of usage numbers, as it is to account for repeat users to get unique figures.

Regarding geographical coverage, probably the best approximation is the postcards map that covers a wall at Moodle HQ. Each postcard is placed according to its remitter’s origin.

For a cultural appraisal, Sas reports on creator Martin Dougiamas small celebrity status among local Moodle communities all over the world. He quotes the “Moodler”:

«I go to these events and people line up to get a photo with me and ask for my autograph. It’s crazy.»

He then moves to the sound of business. Sas catches Navitas CEO Rod Jones on the record, admitting not only the paragon status of Moodle, but its praised prominence in social media.

But its reputation necessitates no promotion. Sas discovers that Google and the United Nations use Moodle as part of their talent management operations. Specifically, they use Moodle during the onboarding phase for new hires. Dougiamas again:

«[T]hey can afford any software they like, but they like Moodle because it’s open source and its flexible.»

Read the full piece here.

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