#Moodle Benchmark plugin now available from Plugins store


Few Days ago, we posted about the upcoming Moodle benchmark plugin which can be used to determine the quality of your Moodle platform by performing certain tests. The plugin is now available from the Moodle Plugins store for Moodle 2.9 onwards.
The Moodle Benchmark plugin is developed by Mickaël PANNEQUIN and is a very useful plugin especially for site administrators to check the system and speed. There are 5 test groups:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Server speed
  • Processor speed
  • Harddrive speed
  • Database speed
  • Loading page speed

I had tested the plugin on my development server earlier and I got a bad score of around 1005 for my development server. The score calculated by the plugin is lesser the better with a maximum acceptable limit also.
Check out your Moodle site performance using this Benchmark Plugin #Moodle
You can download the Moodle Benchmark plugin from the Moodle Plugins database here – https://moodle.org/plugins/report_benchmark
Let us know what is your score on your Moodle host? I believe that you may bet a bad score on shared hosting providers. Share your scores with other Moodle users and help us compare the scores for different hosting providers in the comments below.

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