Moodle 3 in Moodlerooms 3: An Expert's Opinion

At the Moodle Journal there are some professional impressions about Moodle 3. A recent post by Barry Spencer, who is using Moodlerooms, was particularly helpful.

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Moodlerooms is a Blackboard product that customizes and integrates Moodle with their large portfolio of learning solutions and services. Barry is the Moodle administrator for Bromley College in London. He is leading the college-wide update to Moodle 3.0.

The first thing he is excited about is the Drag and Drop question types. Drag and Drop allows you to define regions on an image (“drop zones”) onto which elements like other images or text (“draggable items”) can be placed. When creating the draggable items you assign them to a drop zone. All is left to do is place the drop zones where they  belong in the image.

Check out Moodle documentation for Drag and Drop onto image here.

Drag and Drop markers has a similar behavior, but instead of locating drop zones, you draw them in the image. You can create circles, rectangles or polygons onto which the draggable items will go.

Check out Moodle documentation for Drag and Drop markers here.

Continuing his overview, Barry notes the Atto Editor. Those familiar with rich text editors for web applications will recognize it. Besides many text editing options, it allows you to add images to text with drag-and-drop. Barry embraces the improved math editor and the new styling options for tables, that include border styling and color.

Read the Moodle documentation on Atto here.

Going behind the hood, Barry informs us that Moodle 3.0.1 supports PHP 7, an update to Moodle’s core programming language released last December. Early testing has shown that servers with PHP 7 support up to three times more transactions than PHP 5.6 on the same hardware. Performance of PHP-based WordPress and Joomla show clear increments. PHP 7 accomplishes this by lowering the amount of requests done to a server per a single transaction. Rendering tasks also reported faster loading times with PHP 7 than with Ruby 2.1 and Python 2.7.8.

Follow Barry’s Spencer Moodle Journal for an administrator’s take on the Moodleverse.

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Which new features in Moodle 3 excite you? Let us know in the comments!

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