Moodle 3.2 QA testing has reached to 87% pass rate within last 3 weeks since the start of the QA testing on 31st October. As on date, out of total 538 issues – 470 issues are marked as passed, 48 issues are still open while the rest 20 are marked as failed. The failed tests has to be reported as a bug in Moodle tracker.
Moodle 3.2 QA testing updates - close to 90% tests passed, targeting 100% passrate by this weekend @moodledevMoodle QA testing is an awesome piece of contribution from Moodle community. If you would like to contribute to help Moodle 3.2 achieve a 100 % QA pass rate and help sort out the last few issues then you can contact Rajesh Taneja directly or through this forum thread.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Top Contributors:

The top 09 contributors for the QA testing cycle this week in descending order of tests performed are as follows:

  • AL Rachels
  • Fernando Acedo
  • Rabnawaz
  • Luiggi Sansonetti
  • Jasmin Klindzic
  • Bente Olsen
  • Eric yullu
  • Lisa Caines
  • Rajesh Taneja

It’s been splendid efforts from all the community members who have participated in this round of QA testing and tested the issues.
By helping in Moodle QA testing, you will contribute in making the Moodle better, earn yourself a Tester’s Badge and the credits for the testing. If you would also like to be a part of the testers group then better check out the  QA testing guide here.

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