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Moodle is taking a decisive step toward a standardized global practice by enabling Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) for courses made in Moodle 3.1.

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The LTI specification creates a unified set of guidelines about the integration of “rich learning applications” in platforms such as Learning Management Systems, of which Moodle is a prominent example. Moodle could be both supplier and user of LTI activities.

With LTI, Moodle curriculum and instructional designers have access to a worldwide market of learning tools. Course and activity creators can publish their own LTI-enabled content. Teachers wanting can incorporate LTI-ready content inside their Moodle course.

The opportunities are endless. Moodlers who work as a team could, for example, build a “master course” with all activities for a subject. Then they could use LTI to bring the activities into specific courses. Subject departments on classrooms, or customized corporate training services could be the biggest beneficiaries. Developers of high-quality activities can also sell or license them for teachers to outsource, and enhance the Moodle experience of their students.

For LTI-ready content creators, an official “Publish as LTI” Moodle page is available. It shows how to publish content and set access keys.

For teachers, there is a corresponding “External tool” Moodle guide. It instructs them on how to embed or launch the LTI activity and add the private keys and passwords to authenticate students.

IMS Global developed the LTI specification. The vision of the Consortium is to “advance technology that can affordably scale and improve educational participation and attainment“. For information on membership, visit this link.

And read the complete press release at

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