Voting for choosing the members for the Moodle User’s Association committee is now over and we have a brand new MUA committee of 10 members which will serve for next one year. The roles of the selected members will be decided afterwards by the committee members.

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Top Voted Members:

The top 10 members who gets the maximum number of votes (in descending order) are as follows:Meet the new Moodle Users Association Committee Members @moodleassoc #Moodle

  1. Hideto Harashima (Committee Member) – 10775
  2. Mark McKay (Committee Member) – 7993
  3. Nick Thompson (Chairperson) – 5034
  4. Richard Samson – 4595
  5. Emma Richardson (Secretary) – 4335
  6. Jeff Webster (Committee Member) – 4115
  7. Steve Powell (Committee Member) – 3630
  8. Michael Sankey (Vice Chairperson) – 3160
  9. Joseph Thibault (Committee Member) – 2750
  10. Jean-Marc Doucet – 2181

However, the other 5 which are not able to make up for the committee this year are:

  1. Jaswinder Singh – 1735
  2. Mike Churchward – 1069
  3. Anna Krassa (Committee Member) – 705
  4. Mark Brown – 655
  5. Michael Nodding – 15

The voting process was very slow in the initial period but during the final stages it gets a lot of traction with many votes casted in the final stages of the voting cycle.
Out of the 10 elected members, 08 belongs to the first MUA committee with the inclusion of Richard Samson & Jean-Mar Doucet to the party. I also tried my bit but unfortunately can’t make it this time. But I believe that the elected members are much more capable and more worthy to take MUA forward with more participation among the moodle users.
Many thanks to all those who participated in the voting process and Hearty congratulations to all the new elected committee members from my side.
Happy Moodling!!!

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