The new version of the Moodle Mobile app will take your learning environment to a new level with the added capability to handle the offline learning more effectively. The new version which is released yesterday is developed on the users feedback and is capable of offline support functionality.
Since the last update three months ago, the new app is filled with new and improved features. The new features allows the users to participate in the majority of activities in the app when they are not connected to a network. This feature will be beneficial for all the Moodle users who have limited internet access by ensuring that being offline is not a barrier to accessing your study through Moodle.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

New Features:

In previous versions, Offline support was provided only for quizzes and SCORM activities only but with the new version the learners can:

  • Send a private message to other users,
  • Add a course note,
  • Complete a survey,
  • Create a new forum post
  • Create a new wiki page
  • Complete an assignment offline

The app will integrate the results when users are back online.
Meet the new Moodle Mobile app - Capable of handling offline learning @moodlemobileapp #MoodleMobile
The other notable features includes faster loading of course due to the performance improvements and filtering options in the forums. This will allows the learners to choose – how to display their forum messages.
You can download the latest version of the Moodle mobile app from the Google play store for android devices and from iTunes store for iOS devices.
If you need a custom branded app for your institution, then you should have a look over the custom branded app service by Moodle HQ here.
What are the other features which you would like to see in the Moodle mobile app? Do share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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