First Moodle Moot India 2016

India is getting prepped for its first MoodleMoot on February 6th and it looks like it is shaping up to be a fantastic event. Putting the icing on the cake, the Moot recently announced that @moodler himself will be one of the keynotes, along with Michelle Chawla.

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I’m extremely interested what will come out of this first Moodle event in India as the country continues to show signs of becoming a new Moodle hotbed of activity and growth. The schedule hasn’t been published as of this post, but we’ll continue to monitor and update when we learn more!

Will you attend the MoodleMoot in India? Tell us about your expectations in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for covering this. I’ll be attending the MoodleMoot in India and giving a talk. It’s going to be just a one-day conference but hopefully there will be enough time for networking and getting a sense of the Moodle scene in India. I’m sure everyone will be keen to talk to Martin!

  2. India is an IT and education powerhouse with many great minds and brilliant academicians. All power to the masses with Moodle in India!


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