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Could Moodle and the Olympic Triple Jump have anything in common? I think managing an LMS (Learning Management System) is an ongoing effort of perfecting one’s stride. A step in the wrong place could affect momentum or even disqualify my effort altogether. Fortunately, practice is all it takes to get an encompassing flyover.

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So what is your “Moodle jump” sequence? Mine would go something like this:

  1. Go to the forums. I get a sense of the students’ minds, their questions and issues that affect our course, directly or indirectly. If I can quickly point them out to the resource they are looking for, I do not hesitate. But if they are looking for something that does not exist, I take note for when it’s time to decide on content creation.
  2. Grade submissions. I take a look at my dashboard. I focus on students above the acceptable risk thresholds. I apply prepared remedial tools if it happens, or think about new ones, if possible.
  3. Upload new content. I try to repurpose content from previous courses as much as I can, knowing full well when I cannot. I write a summary message with a bit of reporting about important things happening inside and outside our Moodle.

Whether your steps are different from mine or not, the Blocks Catalogue plugin is the tool to have. Coupled with a refining approach to management, it helps you to be on top of your Moodle with precision and brevity. Blocks Catalogue lets you create a customizable homepage where you can put and sort your administration steps to your liking.

Catalogue provides items for the main Moodle blocks. Administrators can decide the level of customization a teacher can have for the Catalogue homepage.

Block Catalogue is a new plugin. It was developed by Brice Errandonea and Salma El-mrabah from the Université de Cergy-Pontoise, in France.

Check out the Moodle page for Blocks Catalogue for download and setup instructions here.

Contribute to the plugin via GitHub here.

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How do you refine your flow in Moodle? Share your experience in the comments below!

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