Make Your Math And STEM Moodle Course A Playground With WIRIS Plugins

WIRIS is a mathematical drawing recognition software. The user can draw equations and the application will be able to recognize it and style it. It supports simple equations up to university-level concepts such as matrices and integrals.

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A plugin for Moodle adapts the technology into equations, graphics and quizzes. The plugin enables a tab on the text editor expanding to equations, which the user can write in a block layout. A drawing recognition feature is also available. A TeX equation editor is also available.

For quizzes, a math engine (available as web service) recognizes inputs against answers. Administrators can sign up to the web service. For larger operations or higher security requirements WIRIS can be installed in a private server.

The plugins work in touchscreens and mobile devices.

In addition to the Moodle plugins, WIRIS is available for the most popular LMS in the market. A desktop version includes calculation capabilities. The user can draw a mathematical problem, numerical or symbolic, and the software will attempt to solve it. It requires Java.

Take a look of WIRIS here. It showcases graphics, dimensional analysis and applications in physics, among other interesting features.

WIRIS also includes a database of problems easy to deploy in the plugin. The database, STEM Collection, is available here.

Prices for WIRIS start at $150 for the editor and $375 for quizzes, annually for up to 200 students. Free trials are available. Find more on pricing here.

Test some demos of WIRIS for Moodle 3 and 2 here.

Note: WIRIS is a MoodleNews Advertiser.

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