LMS For The DBL: The Case Of AIFS

Is there anything an LMS cannot help a learning organization accomplish? A profile in Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine for the American Institute for Foreign Study describes the AIFS experience in leveraging the Moodle customization for a cross-cultural offering that strives for a “Double Bottom Line” (DBL).

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To be sure, AIFS is not a traditional education institution. They offer educational experiences, as varied as summer camps, au pair exchanges, academic year visitations and many other work and travel programs for foreigners going to Australia, New Zealand and the US. Still, an LMS felt like the optimal choice.

AIFS saw the platform as an investment. The LMS became a long-term knowledge reservoir, and more. It hosts content and allows record keeping. It trains prospective traveling learners and provides the ability to hold interviews via web conference. It assists in following guidelines and kicks off the process of understanding and appreciating living and culture in the Anglosphere.

Chiara Galli, Training & Business Development Coordinator for AIFS’ Au Pair in America, has to make sure teenage girls from all over the world are on the same page in terms of requirements, process and expectations. She manages the LMS content and deals with the constant challenge of a new language. She regularly faces both aspirants and staff new to learning platforms. After all, it was a radical change after 25 years of business as usual.

Besides overseeing the basic technicalities around reliable access, Galli is an engagement perfectionist, pushing her team to make videos and activities more and more interactive.

Feedback is a sine qua non for the 800 regular LMS users, as intercultural understanding has been for more than 1.5 million AIFS participants since 1964.

Read the full post at Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.

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