Moodle developers, coders, programmers, designers are getting more opportunities to increase their income by working for different Moodle projects. Moodle Jobs database is a good way to start your Moodle career by doing some small Moodle projects posted by other community members.
The jobs entries include Part time, full time, contract based, remote location, telecommute etc. In the last few days, following 6 new jobs are posted in the Moodle jobs database. Check them out if you can get some opportunity out of these:
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Check out all the recent jobs postings in the  Moodle jobs database here. If you want to post your Moodle related work requirements to the jobs database, then login to your account at and then click the “Add entry” tab in the Jobs database.
Which area would you like to work for Moodle? What is your ideal dream job with Moodle? Let us know in the comments below.

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