Level Up Your RSS Weaponry In Moodle Using This Plugin

Level Up Your RSS Weaponry In Moodle Using This Plugin

RSS Plus is a plugin to enhance the default RSS block in Moodle. Differences between Plus and classic RSS is the inclusion of images and other media in the feed.

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Since its inception, the number of sites using the plugin has been on steady rise, closing in on 200 sites with RSS Plus active as of September, 2016.

Build number 3, released last August, is compatible with Moodle 3.0 and 3.1. Find builds compatible with previous versions in the versions tab of the page.

To install or download, head to the plugin page. Extract the ZIP contents into the blocks subdirectory of your Moodle installation. Then log in as an administrator, and on the page where you want to enable the RSS block, turn editing on and add the block to the page. The block will include an configuration link for further customization.

Shaun Daubney aka “superawesomeme” from Newbury, West Berkshire, is the mind behind RSS Plus plugin. He suggests including the BBC feeds in your implementation, and on a Moodle with the Aardvark theme installed, another of Daubney’s contributions, for best results.

Download and install RSS Plus from the Moodle plugin directory.

Check out RSS Plus in GitHub, to see the code, its history, and to suggest fixes and new features.

Do you have an inventive use of RSS in Moodle? Share it with the rest of us in the comments!

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