Moodle HQ has taken another initiative to highlight the contributions and efforts of the Moodle community by offering a brand new community project – Fix A Moodle Bug in November 2016.
In a recent announcement, Helen Foster posted about the new project Fix a Moodle Bug which is the part of the Moodle development process and to bring attention to the development tracker. If you are a Moodle developer or a regular Moodle community member then this is the chance for you to contribute to this lovely open source project.

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How can I contribute?

Let's make Moodle better - Let's participate in fix a Moodle Bug project #MoodledevIf you are a Developer then you can help in fixing the Bugs for upcoming Moodle releases. The first 100 developers will receive a specially designed “Moodle Contributor” T-Shirt and a Badge.
On the other hand, if you are a community member, then you can mark the issues from the tracker and vote for existing issues. The more votes for an issue will bring that issue to the top of the list and attract the attention of the developers.
I have already started searching for most affecting issues and voting for them. You can also start your contribution to help improve the Moodle project. Let’s contribute and make it the best open source project.
For more information about the Fix a Moodle Bug project, check out the Moodle docs page here.

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