Let Darell Klar and Michael Williams Show You How To Make The Most Of Your Moodle Gradebook

The Gradebook Activity is, for many moodlers, the center of operations. It is the place to give grading to students work and submissions, but it can be much more. As Darrell Klar and Michael Williams illustrate, it can be the point where marking, analytics and feedback converge. Check out the full presentation video above
Klar delved into the Gradebook to get a better understanding of the tool. Soon he began to modify it at will to personalize Upskilled learning IT offerings. When he asks, by means of the talk’s title, How does your Gradebook look like?, in a way he is asking: “how have you made Gradebook look like”.
While Upskilled has a steady business stream and a reliable operation, they are a medium-sized, boutique Moodle provider. This meant Klar could not afford to deploy resources into Moodle Core development. Resourcefully, they decided to focus on the Gradebook. Their strategy involved using lots of colors to signal graders and students about the process around grading. Colors would provide a clearer view of the grading hierarchy and separation.
Getting into the grading scales, they added subcategories to grading, which allows more specificity in the feedback. Students can select a level of “expected proficiency“, previous to rendering the exam, which can be another valuable signal about their interests and skill confidence.
Follow the video for other tips and suggestion on how to customize the Gradebook views and layouts.
Klar and Williams work for Upskilled, an Australian Registered Training Organization (RTO).
Do you follow best productivity practices in your Moodle Gradebook? Let us know in the comments.

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