The best opportunity to join the Moodleverse, a digital community that fosters self-actualization for Open Source technologists/teachers, begins right out of the gate in 2017. Starting January 2nd, the “Moodle Fairy”, and Moodle HQ Community Educator, Mary Cooch, will welcome thousands of amateurs and experts alike on the biannual “Learn Moodle MOOC” as we all learn the ropes of Moodle, from setting it up to content and activity creation.

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Previous instances of the Massive Online Open Course have a no-requirements, practical approach in which users get to create their own courses which they can develop and share with anyone.

Expert Moodlers have joined the course in the past to freshen up on their Moodle skills and learn new tricks. This has proven valuable for newcomers, and for the experts themselves, who find a place of high quality networking. This time, the benefit is higher, as the MOOC will detail the recently launched Moodle 3.2, a complete rethinking of Moodle as a learning experience that comes with a number of new features and tools. As and additional bonus, this next round will be an improvement thanks to the heightened community engagement approach taken by Cooch and her team.

Complete your course and you will receive a certificate and a badge which you can place on a Moodle profile or just about anywhere online, as it is Open Badges compatible. If you are above-average helpful, you’ll get a special reward.


At the time I’m posting this, more than 500 sign ups have already been reported.

Read the announcement at

See our coverage on this and previous editions on Teaching and Moodle MOOC.

Register at There is also a dedicated Teaching with Moodle app for Android and iOS that will give you access to the full course.


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