Teaching with Moodle, the course of the Learn Moodle MOOC which is just started by Moodle HQ for 2016 is getting a lot of participants from all over the world. Within just 4 days the introduction forum has got more than 4.3k posts which is a huge number to start the course.
The complete course of 4 weeks contains weekly activities along with brief videos based on Moodle 3.0 which covers each areas of Moodle from a teachers perspective. You can even download those videos from the Extra Resources section in the course.
You can also watch them online on YouTube here or check out the playlist embedded below.

By participating in the LearnMoodle MOOC and completing the course you can also earn a Learn Moodle Participant Badge and Learn Moodle Completion badge. Click here to register for the Learn Moodle MOOC.
What are the other Moodle training courses which are free for participation and offers a value like LearnMoodle MOOC? Do let us know in the comments below.

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