In a recent announcement, Moodle HQ has announced a new initiative by MoodleCloud team i.e. “Moodle for School” dedicated for providing hassle free hosting services for schools. The service is mainly focused on primary and secondary schools (K-12) teaching and learning environment.
The service “Moodle for schools” provides the complete course management system with new configurable theme and pre-installed plugins which provides no lengthy setup process and always updated to the latest Moodle version.
The service comes in 3 plans – Tiny, Small & Medium. All plans comes with advanced theme and extra plugins pack which includes the popular Moodle plugins like – Attendance, BigBlueButton, Checklist, Quizventure,Chemistry Editor, Level Up!, Group Choice, Word Count etc.
Here is a complete table showing the various plans available on “Moodle for School” program.
Just-In : Announcing "Moodle for School" by #MoodleCloud #MoodleThe service seems to be perfect fit for multiple classes in K-12 teaching and learning environments. So, if your school is making a move to streamline the online teaching and learning experience, Moodle for School is the easy, hassle-free solution managed and run by Moodle HQ team.
To get your own Moodle for School service by MoodleCloud, check out this link.
What’s your opinion about hosting your online class with Moodle for School service? Do let us know in the comments below.

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