Join The Moodle Users Association And Take Part In Our Next Development Cycle

The Moodle Users Association, or MUA for short, is officially open for Moodle development business. MUA Development Cycles kick off every January and July. Over the cycle, MUA follows a collaborative filtering out process to select and fund new Moodle components.

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Last year, MUA developed the Recycle Bin. Previously a plugin, through the Recycle Bin Moodle now allows teachers to recover deleted content as a feature in Moodle’s core functionality. Recycle Bin was MUA’s first funded project.

The 2nd project funded is an upgrade to the ubiquitous “Dashboard” adding course completion information to student’s My Courses block.

The current cycle has just kicked off and project proposals are being submitted on the site. Members can complement each other’s project requirements. Moodle HQ can offer consulting to the community on feasibility and relevance if necessary.

In November proposal reception is closed and Phase 2 begins. A special Association Committee reviews projects and Moodle HQ provides cost estimates for them. Phase 3 takes places in December: It’s voting time.

In January the next Development Cycle begins. At the same time the Committee allocates funding to projects in order of votes received. It sends the requirements and funds to Moodle HQ which proceeds with the development.

Projects not chosen roll over to the next Development Cycle.

MUA is an Australia-based non-profit. Its board includes representatives from US, UK, European and Oceanic universities. CLAMP is also a member, as is our very own Joseph Thibault.

For information on how to join MUA and get involved in the current Development Cycle, visit this page. Once you join, submit a proposal by following this page.  Contact information for MUA is available here.

Share your project development idea to take Moodle to the next level!

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