Maintenance Releases For CLAMP's Moodle: Liberal Arts Edition, Available

With the topic of “Moodle Forums and Groups”, the Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project aka CLAMP is launching their fall series of sessions.

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These sessions are yet another one of CLAMP’s proposed spaces to discuss, share and collaborate about Moodle, with an citric liberal arts twist. Faculty from one of CLAMP’s university and college partners will present their experience, methods and discoveries.

Sessions will have an expected length of 20 minutes, with a small Q&A afterwards. The presentations will be broadcast live via Zoom. Sign up for the first one following this link. It will prompt you to download the Zoom Client, or if you prefer, a browser extension or a mobile app.

If you miss a session, or want to review it later or share it, CLAMP has promised to upload them to their YouTube channel soon after.

CLAMP congregates more than 30 universities with liberal arts emphasis across the United States, to promote Moodle and its customizations for liberal arts education. They host webinars, “brownbags” and hackfests. Most notably, they maintain and support LAE, a Liberal Arts Edition for Moodle with fixed and enhanced capabilities.

See CLAMP’s post here.

What would you like CLAMP to cover in the fall sessions? Let us know in the comments.


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