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We’ve seen a lot of focus on the LMS Market in the US, especially with excitement around Canvas and what might (or might not) be happening with Blackboard. As such, it was refreshingly unexpected to see an article from the folks over at LISTedTECH on Learning Management Systems in Canada.

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The article offers a brief history of the LMS in Canada. This is an interesting few paragraphs about the inception, instant dominance and eventual downfall (after Blackboard purchased it) of WebCT, and the Canadian Market’s very rapid move to Moodle after the Blackboard purchase. In fact, since about 2009, Moodle has crushed the competition in Canada, and has maintained a marketshare of over 50% since 2011. This is in contrast to the US market, where Moodle’s marketshare rests between Blackboard (the leader) and Canvas (a rapidly growing third place).

Looking at new LMS implementations, however, the data shows that, similar to the US, Moodle’s share in this regard is being eaten by Brightspace and, to a much lesser extent, Canvas. However, as noted in the article

We expect to have more Canvas vs Brightspace showdowns in the coming years as both systems are shortlisted as possible LMS replacements for Canadian colleges and universities.

While the Canadian market is much smaller than that of the US, and is only a fraction of the globe, it remains very interesting to see how the different LMS players continue to jockey for position and win (or not) the favor of universities.

You can read the entire article from LISTedTECH here.

What drives the decision for selecting an LMS at your school? Tell us the one or two critical factors in the comments below!

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