Introducing Brandable By Moodle, The New Mobile App


Australia-based house Moodle, developer of the eponym Learning Management System, has launched brandable mobile apps, flankers that will allow customers to transport their Moodle installation into a handy mobile experience for their sophisticated learners.

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Brandable Moodle Mobile is currently exclusive through Certified Moodle Partners.

Magnetic and bewitching, Brandable Moodle Mobile combines the hedonic appeal of ubiquitous access to content with the desirability of a robust system that will work offline and will update automatically, just like the classic Moodle Mobile apps. A sensory trap that will soon become addictive, Moodle HQ hopes.

With the Branded apps for Android and iOS, companies will be providing access to their corpus of knowledge, with the wink of Moodle in the back. Users will access a customized app, visually seamless from its web’s look & feel.

Branded Moodle Mobile is available for AUD 5,000 setup fee and a 5,000 yearly maintenance fee. Two workshops with user experience beauty consultants are included: Implementation Strategies and Building Courses for Mobile.

The Moodle house will publish your apps to the relevant stores, which will be as unique as you are. It will take charge of the bi-monthly updates automatically.

Click here to go to the Branded Moodle Mobile page for more information.

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