Introduce Your Class To Mobile And Ubiquitious Moodle With QR Links

The QR Links plugin has received a lot of stability fixes in its latest release. QR Links lets you to involve physical spaces and mobile phones in your Moodle experience. With a little creativity you can get your version of subject-savvy Pokémon Go!

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Did you know: When students activities involve physical spaces, not only their spatial skills improve. Improvement in spatial skill tends to improve basic math skills such as arithmetic. This according to an article published in the Developmental Psychology Journal.

Besides providing an easy way for your students to access, save and share part of your course, QR codes have proven to be an easy and flexible solution to many related information problems. So why should learning be the exception?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Hide sections on Moodle and make them available only through QR code. To access the content (say, complete a quiz) they need to go to wherever you tell them to!
  • Embed QR codes in Moodle for content on the go! Light readings and videos, galleries, apps related to the subject of your Moodle course.
  • Add QR Codes of your Moodle to your CV, instructional design portfolio or business cards!
  • Look up new innovative uses for QR codes online!

If you want to know more about spatial ability, read this report from the University of Chicago. Or you can also find out about access to the research article here.

Check out the Moodle page for QR Links here. Check out the GitHub repo here.

And watch a test of QR Links in mobile here (in German).

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Know any interesting uses of QR codes in the Moodled classroom? Share it with us on the comments section below!

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