Learning Analytics is the measurement, collection, reporting and analysis of the data about learners and contexts for understanding & optimizing the learning environment. Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching has shared a handbook for educators and learning analytics specialists titled – “Completing the Loop : Returning Meaningful Learning Analytic Data to Teachers“.
The project aimed to develop a better understanding of learning analytics and the ways in which analytics can be interpreted, applied and actioned by teachers to improve teaching and learning practices.
The project involved three phases:

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  • Phase -1: Interviews with university teachers to
    • a) understand what types of analytics they may find useful for design of their curriculum, and
    • b) to help address any educational challenges they may face in their teaching. Interviews were held with 12 teachers from three participating universities (University of Melbourne, Macquarie University, and the University of South Australia).
  • Phase -2: The development of an open-source, online tool (the ‘Loop Tool’) designed to help teachers to articulate their learning design and visualise data from learning managements systems (LMS) in ways that are meaningful to them.
  • Phase-3: The implementation and evaluation of the Loop Tool with teachers at each of the participating universities.

Loop Tool for Moodle:

The best outcome of the project for Moodle users is the development of the Loop tool which is based on the findings of the interviews conducted in Phase-1. The tool supports data import from Blackboard and Moodle LMS’s and is built using Python, Django, Pandas and MySQL.
Interested in Learning Analytics - Check out: Completing the Loop Handbook for Educators and Learning Analytics Specialists
The Loop tool contains two components:

  • Pedagogical Helper Tool which enables teachers to articulate their learning design,
  • Learning Analytics Tool which presents visual representations of the data from the learning management system

Loop tool is not available as a plugin however it can be deployed as a standalone system on your server which can be downloaded from github here. You can download the handbook from this link.
Which  kind of reports you are interested in digging from Moodle? What are the open source Learning analytics tools you are using with Moodle? Have you used the Loop tool for your Moodle project? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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