Interested In Implementing Payment Gateways In Moodle?

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There continues to be a ton of great content coming out of the Moodle Moot IEUK 2016. Today, I was reviewing the talk by Paul Stevens, of Catalyst, about how to implement a payment gateway in Moodle. Check out his talk below, and the summary afterward:

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In this brief (only 6 mins!) talk, Paul covers:

  • The two directions you can go when implementing payment gateways in Moodle: an enrollment plugin or put in place an eCommerce system.
  • Using the enrollment plugin is simpler and leverages the Moodle functionality, but only good for a one-to-one scenario and has very limited functionality.
  • Using an Ecommerce system allows for greater functionality, global implementation, shopping carts built in.
  • There are two open source solutions regularly used by Catalyst – Drupal Commerce and Magento. Drupal is good if you already have a Drupal website, but if you want more.
  • There is a Magento plugin available to make integration easy.
  • Use the course summary page in Moodle to improve organic search results in Google.
  • Make the buying process simple – otherwise you’ll loose clients to frustration.
  • Make sure you are able to audit the payments because your customers WILL come to you to ask questions and things WILL go wrong.
  • Test, test, test before you go live.

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