Improve Moodle's Look & Feel. Take Part Of Theme And Navigation Project 3.2

Developers and users have already started the discussion about the theme specifications for Moodle 3.2. It is in early stages and you are more than welcome to take part. Useful features have remained a part of the core because of their popularity among the community. But when it comes to the visual design of the platform, it is difficult for a distinctive design to emerge from small contributions.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

This is why Moodle HQ’s Damyon Wiese is leading an effort to develop a new theme for 3.2. The community still needs to be an important part of the development. After all, a software that does not reflect its user base risks alienating it. Wiese and HQ want a better outlook for Moodle courses without a lot of theme customization. This would also make new theme development easier.

Wiese has started the discussion. He has listed 8 issues, with road map ideas, but more are likely to come up. Each of the existing issues has its own tracker code and an “epic” tracker code is set up for the whole project.

CSS Framework

Moving from outdated Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 4. There are ongoing discussions about the suitability of allowing CSS-only themes.

Testing framework

Making it theme independent. Developers could perform testing and debugging without the current theme affecting their operations.


Making it more intuitive, improving paths and workflows. Moving from the flat lists. Letting the user find its location along the path easier.

Moving across courses and sections

Allowing the user to move in and out of activities without having to log out or leave from them. Using menus or design strategies that improve access to content and activities.

Focus on the content over the peripheral blocks

Taking space and prominence out of the side blocks, especially when the user’s attention is necessary.

A distinct visual design

Updating the look to modern design standards, maintaining a distinguishing Moodle brand.

Enhance navigation to settings pages

Keeping the icon gear on the same place. Unifying the access to settings, improving intuitiveness and signalling.

Lots more customization options

Allowing users to change as many aspects of the theme without having to install plugins. Making it easier for all environments to customize the themes

The sooner you get involved the more valuable your contributions will be.

Check the Theme And Navigation Project 3.2 here.

Check the Epic Tracker here.

Join the forum discussion here.

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