HTML Per Role Will Show You Something Depending On Who You Are In Moodle

Placed on the Moodle dashboard or along the course pages, HTML Per Role plugin shows different instructions, reminders or general information to a user depending on their role (e.g.  teacher, student or guest). If there are custom roles created for the installation, it will support them as well.

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The plugin adds a standard HTML block, which means that its support depends on the HTML support of the browser through which Moodle is accessed by the different users. With a modern browser, HTML Per Role supports embedded elements like image or video, and even widgets from third parties, like a Twitter stream, for example.

The latest build guarantees support for Moodle 3.1. View the full version list to find out a version compatible with your Moodle.

This plugin was developed by Parisian Valery Fremaux during ENTLibre 2.0,  an Open Source development event promoted by the French Government.

Find out more about HTML Per Role in the Moodle documentation.

Check out the code behind HTML Per Role in its GitHub repo.

Can you come up with a creative use of HTML Per Role? Tell us in the comments!

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