hrdnz intro moodle developer course

Stuart Mealor announced yesterday that Moodle Partner HRDNZ will be publishing an Introduction To Moodle Development course as a part of their MoodleBites online series of courses.

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This decision is a new part of their Moodlebites for Developers initiative. Their first course in this series was successful and attracted a broad range of skill levels, revealing the need for a more introductory level course for complete newbies. The outline of the course is currently online and HRDNZ is seeking feedback on the content. Please have a look and give your feedback in the forum posting.

If you’re wondering if this course is right for you, the prerequisites include, “a good knowledge of Moodle, some knowledge of PHP / HTML / CSS and Javascript, and a fearless attitude.”

The currently proposed content for the eight week course will include things like:

  • Customizing a Moodle Theme
  • How to use your browser console to debug and develop
  • Creating a new theme or building a new block by simply renaming your current/existing ones
  • Understanding how files work in the block folder
  • Building a block: templates, settings, SQL usage
  • Working with Atto and building an Atto plugin
  • Javascript, javascript, javascript

And, finally, it looks like you’ll definitely be in good hands as the instructor for the course is Justin Hunt of Poodll and Generico fame.

For those of you who are interested in this course, space is limited. Head on over to the registration page here.


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