How To Submit Assignments To Your Classes In Moodle Mobile For iOS

In this informative article from Moodle’s official user base, you will learn how attachments work with the Moodle app.

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First, you need an app that can access the type of file that you will be submitting such as text document, spreadsheet or PDF. This can be a document you loaded in your iDevice, or one that you created with it.

When it is open, share it. Among the options you see, choose “Open in Another App”, and select “Copy to Moodle Mobile”. This operation does not take the file into Moodle. It merely saves it in a location within your phone that is accessible to the Moodle Mobile app. The confirmation message will convey this information:

“File successfully stored. Now you can select this file to upload it to your private files or attach it in some activities.”

Now, for the submission. I hope you’re still haven’t missed the deadline.

In the Moodle Mobile app, navigate to the assignment submission form. This would be the one with an “Add submission” button visible and enabled. Click on it, then on “+ Add file”. When you see the possible locations from where to choose your submission file, select “Shared files”. This should take you to a list of files that includes your submission. Select it, wait for it to upload.

If you chose the wrong file, you can edit your submission.

If you had any trouble, make sure your connection is up and that your file is within the types and sizes requested.

And if you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or higher and have not used it, check out the Moodle Mobile app.

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