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As recently noted in EdWeek, teachers are facing a “needle in the haystack” problem of the “flood of open source resources.” The problem these days, it would seem, isn’t a lack of options; it is finding the option/resource that is the right fit for the learning goal or outcome sought by the instructor.

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OpenEd is a service that provides a solution to this problem. OpenEd aggregates high quality, open K-12 content, and adds in other sources as well, such as quality YouTube videos and a few paid publishers. They then offer the ability to answer the “what is the right source” question for the instructor by making the content searchable by standard, subject, keyword and more.

OpenEd also takes high quality instructional videos and incorporates them into objectives-based assessments. When students take an assessment, they are shown a targeted video based on what they need.

Here’s the good news for Moodlers: Teachers are now able to embed OpenEd assessments directly into their Moodle courses. Students can seamlessly take these formative assessments, and the data is automatically passed back to the instructor. This interoperability has the potential to create efficiencies for K-12 educators for incorporating daily formative assessments into their everyday practice.

If you’d like to see how others are already using OpenEd in their Moodle, check out OpenEd’s twitter stream at @OpenEd.

According to Brandon Dorman, Lead Content Curator and Professional Learning, at OpenEd, since launching LTI integration a few months ago, they have seen widespread adoption from district-level managers creating class templates for district-wide use to individual teachers who want to keep all of their digital tools in the same place.

Integrating OpenEd into Moodle is a fairly painless process. Check out this how to video:

Specific instructions are as follows:

  • First, in OpenEd, you need to set your LMS as Moodle under “My Account”
  • Next, in your Moodle, add an Activity or Resource in editing mode and select External Tool
  • Next to External Tool Type, click on the +
  • Once a new screen pops up, enter these parameters (if nothing pops up, make sure your pop-up blocker is paused):
    1. Tool name: OpenEd
    2. Tool base URL:
    3. Your Key and Shared secret, generated on your Profile Page
    4. Under Privacy, set all to ‘always’
  • That’s it!

We’d love to hear about your experience with OpenEd. Please share your views with us in the comments below!

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