How Sharp Trascends Learning By Leveraging The Moodlerooms LMS

How Sharp Trascends Learning By Leveraging The Moodlerooms LMS
Times at Sharp are pressing. And what better way to address market fears, than heavily investing in talent?
Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine reports on Sharp’s initiative to leverage Moodlerooms to improve processes in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions, particularly those related to customer service. The Sharp Corporation made Raul Pastorfide (pictured) in charge of the revamp.
Pastorfide is a wise man. For his mission, he knew focusing on talent was the way to go. Motivation, training and access to up-to-date information would make the business thrive. His star products for the region would be MFD (Multi-Function Devices, think scanners/printers) and Visual Solutions (Smart Whiteboards and Displays).
Online training programs soon became the cornerstone of his human capital development initiative. This was not exempt from challenges. Language being the main one. Stemming from it, cultural divides made it extra challenging to connect and impart the same level of knowledge across workers from different countries. Lastly, it was feared that skill measurements would not be equally applicable.
One LMS rose to the challenge: Moodlerooms. Pastorfide acknowledged its extensibility, and put it to the test at the time of setting up multinational and multi-cultural performance benchmarks. Moodlerooms enabled the training team to deploy content and easily pointing it towards their staff’s particular needs. Practical exercises were easy to deploy and became standard training practice. A “sense of urgency and importance” was soon fostered among trainees.
Response so far has been positive, much more than expected. The barriers have been overcome, and customer expectations as well as business benchmarks are on par to be fulfilled. This human capital development experiment is poised to counteract the struggling times and become exemplary for other regions around the globe.

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