learn moodle mooc week 2 2016

The second week of the 2016 Learn Moodle MOOC that is focused on how to teach with Moodle, is dedicated to describing the different ways instructors can help learners learn.

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The tutorial for the week sets the stage:

In the tutorial, instructors are asked to determine whether or not they see themselves running a passive (lecture/listen) or active (student engagement) classroom. Based upon this answer, there are different course design options available.

For the passive learning experience, the tutorial suggests the instructor focus their time on the Resources section of Moodle. This is where an instructor can easily add files, presentations, images, videos and other items that the student can digest on their own time.

Alternatively, if the instructor chooses a dynamic class setting, the tutorial suggest spending time reviewing the Activities section in Moodle. From here, instructors have access to items that allow students to interact, provide feedback, reflect on their learning and assess learning progress. (Note: week two does not cover the gradebook, as this is week three material).

Learning sections for week two include:

What other types of information would you like to know about how to help your learners learn? Tell us in the comments below!

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