Simple and brilliant. Such are the ideas loved by most. And such is the thinking behind Word Select, a plugin in early testing stage.

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Word Select is both a game and an assessment type activity. On a paragraph, a student chooses one or several words matching a problem. In the video joining the plugin, we see as an example the selection of a verb in a simple sentence.

The “magic” of the plugin is that it allows selection and de-selection of any word for text that you enter in a simple text editor. Text can be paragraph or a table. The example shows a basic crossword game made with Word Select features.

When the student is keen on his word selection, hitting a “Check” button will reveal if the answer is correct. It could not be simpler. Instructors could give background on correct answers by hovering on the word, after the mark.

Marcus Green is Word Select’s author. He’s a developer based in York, self-declared “Moodle Obsessive since 2003“, and author of many plugins.

Find a demonstration of Word Select here.

Read an active discussion about Word Select on the Moodle forums.

There is also a preliminary entry in the Moodle documentation page.

Read the Word Select wiki on GitHub. Go to “status” to see the current possibilities of evaluation, and help it become a sanctioned plugin!

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