Help Moodle Help You By Filling Out This Brief Survey

Moodle has created a simple survey for all Moodlers to help HQ learn more about how the community uses and interacts with the LMS.

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It is designed for students, teachers and instructors who currently use Moodle in academia, the workplace or other business settings. Or all of the above.

After a basic categorizing questions, it opens an interactive dashboard where you can log your responses. An easy drag-and-drop mechanism allows you to state the frequency and priority of Moodle features, from things you “use all the time” to “use never” (or “don’t know what the option means”).

Over 18 features are listed. I, for instance, chose as the most dependable the following ones:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Site Search
  • Site Admin Settings
  • Grade Feedback
  • Competencies

You must sort all items to complete the survey. Once you place each feature in a category, you can sort them in order of priority. If you want to leave a comment, there is a “leave a comment” button at the right side of the header.

Once you complete and hit on “Finished”, a final dialog will ask you for important features that were not listed. I was inclined to add some of my favorite plugins but I was not sure they would count.

I envision mine and the moodleverse’s answers will serve as preliminary criteria to prioritize development.

Complete the survey here.

What are the most useful features in Moodle for you? Tell us in the comments!

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