In his talk last September in Perth, Wiese walked us through the latest features and changes to the grading interfaces.
The Grading interface was a focus of improvement in Moodle 3.1. Wiese‘s team developed an interface that not only allows bulk actions, but tried to show as much of the data needed for instructors to make decisions right in the interface with being cluttered
The initial layouts came from collaboration from Flinders, a University in Adelaide. As part of an encompassing paperless initiative, they were keen on counting on a robust digital solution for assessments. The final layout of the interface Wiese showed strongly resembles those original Flinders mockups.
Once there was some agreement on layout, the next phase was workflow analysis. They began studying the options and steps an instructor would take on the original grading page for a submission. It was clear that giving a sense of location would be helpful. Some kind of indication of how many assignments remain, and perhaps some filtering or sorting criteria.
Next they developed bulk action interfaces. The main window is a table of students that gives evaluators quick access to submissions and grading options. This would become a favored page among graders.
With the basic elements locked in, the next phase was achieving speed. This was as much a technical issue as one about understanding user behavior.
The end result is a document interface that automatically converts all documents to PDF, to preserve student layout and allow commenting and annotations. At the top, the header shows the submitting student, next to student navigation options, with arrows to cycle them and a drop-down menu to access a specific student’s submission. (It’s a bit clunky for classes with lots of students.) On a panel to the right, fields to add or edit grades, with status (pending, graded, etc) are shown with some document statistics. If the assessment has a Rubric set up, a pop-up window shows it to guide the markings. Last but not least, a global undo button is the bow that wraps the gift Wiese & Co. have given us with this interface.


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So what do you think of the Grading redesign? Is there still room for improvement? Share your thoughts with us.

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