Have you ever thought of giving freedom to your students for choosing other students in their group? or Allow them to choose their own preferred groups? Now you can give complete freedom to your learners with all the group selection headaches by using the Group Self-Selection plugin.
The group self-selection plugin allows your students to create and select groups in your course. The plugin was originally developed by Petr Škoda and Helen Foster and is recently updated by Marina glancy for the latest Moodle versions from Moodle 2.9 onwards.

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Main Features of Group Self-Selection plugin:

The plugin contains a lot of innovative features like:

  • Students can create groups, give them a description and set them password protected, if wanted
  • Students can select and join group
  • Non-editing teachers may be assigned to groups
  • Teacher can export course group list as a csv-file
  • Full compatibility with basic Moodle groups: group may be created by other means if needed, supports group assignment submissions etc.

Give freedom to students of creating their own groups using this plugin #Moodleplugins
Usage instructions for the Group Self-Selection plugin are documented here. You can grab your copy of the latest version from the Moodle plugins database here.
What are the other creative ideas/tips to give more freedom to your students? Have you used previous versions of this plugin? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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