Get This Moodle 3.1 Long-Term Support Development Ebook And Get Ongoing Improvements

Online “lean” publishing platform Leanpub is releasing an advanced Moodle 3.1 development ebook.

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If you’re considering developing technology of any type for Moodle, focusing on Moodle 3.1 has two major advantages: First, it is the latest version of Moodle, with the most modern outlook. Second, Moodle will receive Long-Term Support. This means that the developers will continue to provide security support well beyond 2019. Regular versions usually receive 18 months of support.

The Moodle 3.1 LTS Modules Development ebook expects the reader to have a functional understanding of the programming languages Moodle uses. That way Tomasz Muras, the author, can focus on the technical details of Moodle. While there are many types of plugins, Tomasz focuses exclusively on Activities. He claims, however, that “after studying this book and a bit of extra research you should be comfortable with development of any Moodle plugin type”.

The book is accompanied by a GitHub repo. Tomasz suggests studying the code as well. He has made an effort to make it as readable as possible.

This is Tomasz’s first book. He chose the Leanpub because it allows him to continue to work on its content, which is a tenet of their lean philosophy. Technically this ebook is “in progress,” but readers will receive his fixes and updates. Read Leanpub’s manifesto here.

Buy the book here, readable in an assortment of formats, apps and devices. You can set your own price within range, deciding how much of what you pay goes to Tomasz.

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