A recent blog post in Moodle.com reviews the new features regarding Competency Based Education (CBE) in Moodle 3.1

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Competencies are a global push by learning technologies to standardize and achieve many common agreements. Among the benefits for the community and industry are the creation of more objective benchmarks, vendor-independent performance data and a general sense of openness that will promote participation and competitiveness in the learning markets.

Many companies, including Moodle partners,  have already invested or made their interest in Competencies public. We recently covered Blackboard tools for schools to diagnose themselves, looking forward to CBE.

With CBE enabled, all members of a Moodle learning community will see a clear outlook of the learning goals, their relation with the course content and activities, and the quantitative thresholds through which an instructor can vouch for the competencies acquired by the student. Competencies are, however, flexible enough, and are compatible with all forms of flexible or flipped classroom and self-paced education offerings.

Among the features offered by Moodle to ease work and instructional design around competencies, you can find:

  • Creation of competency frameworks for courses and sets of courses.
  • Import and export competency frameworks.
  • Create learning plan templates based on competency frameworks.
  • Add specific competencies for courses, even along the way.
  • Access competency breakdowns for each student.
  • View learning plans, connecting assessments to levels of competencies.
  • And all the additional power that comes from Competencies plugins for Moodle.

The best way to get started with CBE is by setting up a competency framework. Set yourself up by reading this official Moodle documentation.

For more on Competencies on Moodle, go here.

Read the full post at Moodle.com here.

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