Get Started With Adaptive Learning Consolidation With Domoscio's Plugin For Moodle

Moodle has improved many aspects of the classroom process and expanded the classroom’s reach to students around the world. But is that enough to consider a course interactive?

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How can I make sure the students is in a real, personal conversation with the subject? And how does my Moodle course allow them to contribute to the world conversations with a consolidated body of useful knowledge? In this learning path, the key word is consolidation.

Thanks to big data and processing algorithms, adaptive learning offerings are starting to show a lot of promise in the e-learning marketplace. Luis von Ahn’s Domoscio plugin keeps track of your most frequent mistakes, then it makes you reinforce the specific skill related to those. As it has perfected, it has spawned many competitors. There is also great promise about IBM Watson and its cognitive computing offerings for education. And not least, we have Domoscio, a startup in the businesses of adaptive learning, consolidation and analytics.

Domoscio’s plugin starts with quizzes and other assessment activities made by the teachers. Domoscio records the wrong answers and connects them to their relevant content. This way the student can go back to the content at which they are least proficient, and practice.

Get the Domoscio’s Moodle plugin here. It requires a subscription to the service. Ask for a demo here.

Check out the GitHub repo here.

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Have you considered implementing adaptive learning consolidation practices in your Moodle? Tell us your ideas in the comments!

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