Get Sleeker Moodle Pages With Content Pages Plugin

Content Pages, nicknamed IContent, adds a modern layout to inner Moodle pages. This on the hopes of improving readability and engagement. Images that cover title pages from corner to corner, progress bars and palettes are some of its options.

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Brasiliense Léo Santos Remis, author of IContent, makes sure the content you add to Moodle through this plugin follows modern usability and accessibility standards. It enhances the presentation of text, images and multimedia. It strives to reduce the sensation of “tiredness” that comes from some Moodle courses.

Léo envisions a new content delivery system in which the student is more involved, even in the course design. With IContent, students can interact through annotations and likes within the same page. He suggests instructors encourage discussions about the contents and the way they are delivered.

Other features of IContent include:

  • Public and private page annotations.
  • Highlight page sections.
  • Replies and responses to public notes.
  • Bookmarks.

IContent makes sure the pages are responsive and compatible with any device. The latest updates to IContent include speed improvements, specifically on the database communication and recall.

Download and follow installation instructions for IContent in its official Moodle plugin directory page here.

Check out the GitHub repo here.

What tools help you keep your students’ attention up throughout your course? Let us know in the comments.

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