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There are few things in this world as instantly satisfying as getting paid for the work you do. In the Moodleverse this could mean any number of things, like teaching, building a plugin or theme, building content, providing technical support… the list seems endless, really.

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But, admit it or not, getting paid can be one of the more difficult, and downright painful, parts of being a Moodler. This is especially true for all those Moodlepreneurs out there who are innovating, creating and designing for the rest of us to enjoy.

While I, personally, don’t think there is a person alive who hasn’t heard of Paypal, there are a number of other ways to receive payments for your Moodleffort that may suit your needs better. The folks over at DualCube have released a plugin on the Moodle database for the Stripe payment system.

Stripe offers a service that is essentially the same as Paypal – with a few differences in how they charge fees. You can see a nice comparison between Paypal and Stripe here. While the difference are basically hair-splitting until you get into serious transaction amounts, it is worth the consideration.

Before you can get started accepting payments, you do need to set up a merchant account at

What payment gateway do you use to get paid? Tell us in the comments below.

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