Get An Exclusive Moodle Contributor T-Shirt For The Low Price Of Fixing A Bug

Moodle is both an Open Source technology, and a global community of volunteers. This is not really a dichotomy: the ability to adapt, edit and shuffle the LMS is what has kept Moodle a modern and relevant tool. And while individuals have a variety of motivations to help and contribute to Moodle, to become the community movement that it is today, there is no doubt this has been built from a personal place. Moodle HQ does not rest on their laurels: Community engagement is a big part of the operation.

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To that ned, Moodle HQ’s Marina Glancy recently opened a forum discussion with an invitation for all. The Fix a Moodle Bug campaign is HQ’s way to recognize all the year-round contributions from moodlers, even if it only lasts through November. It is also an opportunity to gather input from new contributors and to acquaint them with Moodle’s tools, primarily the Moodle Tracker.

Moodle HQ has created a list of issues for Moodlers to take a stab. Participants should submit fixes for two bugs from the list, or just one for issues with more than five votes. Votes are given by other moodlers to express their interest in priorizing the issue.

Participating contributors should limit to “bugs” listed, not improvements. Fixes should be made for Moodle 3.1.

The first 100 developers to provide work for issues, which grants them a “fixed” status, will receive a t-shirt.

To participate, first make sure you read the Fix a Moodle Bug page in full, especially the Q&A section. You should also be keen on the Moodle Developer’s Documentation regarding the bug fixing process.

For more, or to ask questions, join the discussion at

Have you fixed and issue in Moodle? Tell us your story in the comments!

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