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It is no secret that there are high expectations around version 3.1 of Moodle that will be coming out later this month. Many have even said that 3.1 is what 3.0 was actually “meant” to be, in terms of new functionality and just general “wow.”

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True to form, Moodle has already started creating the documentation for 3.1 and I happened to check out the “New Features” page, currently under development. There are already 20 new features that are slated for showcasing. Click here to follow along.

New stuff for Teachers:

  1. Full support for Competency Based Education
  2. Smoother and more intuitive Assignment grading
  3. The ability to download select assignments for offline viewing
  4. The recycle bin for easily restoring deleted content
  5. The ability to pin forum posts to the top of the discussion
  6. A permalink function to easily link to forum posts
  7. The ability to share activities between more than one Moodle site
  8. Tagging of courses for easier searching
  9. Editing and creating sections without leaving the course
  10. Searching for courses that are meta linked and adding them together in one step
  11. The ability to restrict file types in workshops

New stuff for Admins:

  1. The ability to create competency frameworks across your Moodle site
  2. The development of global learning plans
  3. Globally search your Moodle
  4. Annotate directly on different file types
  5. Search the file system repository
  6. Setting default values for a lesson to make creation easier

New stuff for everyone:

  1. Bulk downloads of course files to a .zip folder
  2. Global search functionality

Stay tuned as we get closer to the 3.1 release for more information.


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  1. I have been playing with Moodle 3.1 since it was in alpha and I didn’t quite understand what you meant by “The ability to share activities between more than one Moodle site”

  2. Marcus, Moodle HQ integrated the LTI provider plugin into core. so now, you can “publish” links (+key & secret) to a course or a course’s resource/activity and share (add it as an LTI external tool activity) with another Moodle entirely.


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