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In a flash-held session, Dougiamas shared further details on Moodle 3.2 and its “Boost” theme, for which Moodle HQ is completing its final details before the December 5th scheduled launch.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

He gave live viewers (as well as those of us who caught the recording), the privilege of looking at his desktop, a personal fascination of mine. He plays with the responsiveness of the theme by moving the edges of the browser window. He shows us the collapsible main menu, a left pane accessible through a top left hamburger menu.

Then he walks us through a demo course, which looks familiar enough. Settings icons and menus are more intuitive, and homogeneous across all settings sections.

Blocks still have a place, but not by default. Dougiamas recommends to

try and reduce its use, because those things that you put in blocks don’t appear on the mobile app. We are trying to make it all the same. The less blocks you can use the better.

On the top right, notification and messaging icons appear, resembling the latest layouts of some social media sites. The paradigm extends to the messaging page. Group chats will come sometime next year.

The experience already seems straightforward and snappy. It is possible, however, that the speed is due to him working on a local version of Moodle. In any case, speed improvements have been promised for 3.2.

Expect also improvements in user tours, video accessibility, chart generation, LTI and more. Watch a recording of Dougiamas’s webcast here, it has a couple more surprises.


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