Final Voting for the first development cycle (January – June 2016) on the Moodle Users Association has started and you can cast your votes for the selected projects till 15th July 2016. So, now its the time to cast your vote for your favorite projects which you want to be included in Moodle core.
Final Voting started for Moodle Users Association projects @MoodleAssoc #MUAIn a recent announcement in MUA forums, Nick Thompson – Chairperson, posted about the start of voting for the projects on Moodle Users Association. However, several of the projects that were voted on originally, were not able to be estimated on by Moodle HQ because of ambiguity or unclear specifications. So, as of now you can cast your votes for these 5 projects – the estimated cost for the project is mentioned:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Allow custom course fields – AU$60,000
  • Lesson improvements – for requirement 1: interface only (after changes made – AU$60,000)
  • My course dashboard – for completion only (after changes made – AU$54,000)
  • Combine Enrolled Users and Participants page – AU$40,000
  • Send Scheduled Messages – AU$28,000

At the moment the total money with MUA is approx $40k (AUD) which constraints further the projects which can be funded. However as per Nick “The project that gets funded will be the highest-voted project that we are able to afford.
So what are you waiting for. Just log in to your MUA account and cast your votes for your favorite projects before 15th July.
Out of the selected which projects should be included in the Moodle core? Do share your opinion with us in the comments below.
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