Marcus Green – Developer of many popular Moodle plugins like Gapfill, Question Practice etc. has developed a new question type plugin for Moodle – “WordSelect” and is seeking the community feedback before releasing it officially through the Moodle plugins database.
The Plugin WordSelect allows a teacher to create text where one or more words are indicated to be the correct answers. The student is presented with the text and can select one or more words and is marked according to if they are correct. Read more about the plugin functionality here.
Marcus has also created a small demo of the plugin in action which can be seen below:

You can download the plugin code from the Github project page of the plugin here. And if you would like to see the demo in action then you can access with username-student and password-test
You can share your feedback about the WordSelect question type plugin with Marcus in this Moodle forum thread or in the comments below.

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