Michael de Raadt, Reserach Director at Moodle HQ has developed a new plugin termed as “Heatmap Block”. The heatmap block will display an overlay with heatmap of activities in your Moodle course which shows the total views and distinct views of the activity.
The best thing about the block is that it can be used to quickly show the stats of the popular activities in your Moodle course like which activity is viewed by students multiple times alongwith total views of the course. Also, it can be toggled anytime to hide the stats by just clicking the “Toggle Heatmap” link in the block.

Heatmap block in action in a Moodle Course
Heatmap block in action in a Moodle Course – Screenshot from Moodle.org forums

The block works fine for Moodle 2.7 onwards and is based on the Moodle activity viewer plugin. In the new update, you can also configure the colors for heat strengths.
You can download the Heatmap block from this link or by cloning to the Michael’s github repository here. After testing with various course formats and different environments, you can provide your feedback about the block in this forum thread – https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=329136#p1324081

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