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Experienced Moodlers know about the contribution of Michael de Raadt to the creation and maintenance of the Progress Bar plugin. In Michael’s words:

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Before Moodle 2.0 there was little choice of how to gather data about activities in a course without snooping in database tables.

Recently, Michael posed in the Moodle forums that he has embarked on a completely new progress tracking option that he’s calling the Completion Progress block. In one sentence, Michael saw that the original Progress Bar had issues related to compatibility and efficiencies, among other problems.

The new plugin uses a new metric to measure student performance based on completion (and hence the name). This new plugin is more efficient, offers much better compatibility possibilities and should be much easier to configure as it relies on the settings associated with Activities.

This brave new plugin is not finished, however, and Michael is asking for feedback.

You can download the beta from this link at Github. (Note: Don’t put this into production!)

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